Filing an insurance claim for water damage

You have experienced water damage in your home, these few steps should help you file your insurance claim:

  • Find the source and shut the water if needed. If the water is close to electrical sockets or lights, turn off your electricity.
  • Get a plumber involved as soon as possible, unless your entire house is flooded and needs pumping out, the fire brigade will not come to your rescue.
  • Take some photos which will be useful for your insurance company and start cleaning up.
  • Write a declaration to your insurance company, either an email or a letter. They will advise you of what documents they need.
  • If another party is involved, you need to fill in a “constat dégat des eaux” which will have details of both owners or tenants, insurance and contact details.
  • Clean up as much as you can and check your policy as you might have an option for temporary re housing – your insurance company can most probably provide an indemnity for personal cleaning.
  • Keep all proofs of damaged items.
  • Finally you will be visited by a loss adjustor. They will ask for invoices of damaged items, quotes for replacement and repairs. Only when the report is sent to the insurance company, you will be able to receive your indemnity.

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