Describe your house to be properly insured

When contracting a home insurance in France, you will be asked to provide details about your home and contents.

We often see discrepancies between your declarations and the reality. We find out when you make a claim as when the loss adjustor  visits your property in order to settle your claim, he will check that your declarations are correct. The reason for this is because your premium is based on the size of your property and the number of rooms.

Your settlement will obviously be lower if the error in your declaration is greater than 10%.

What should you always declare?

  • number of main rooms including a kitchen if it is more than 30m².
    Note : any room of 50m² ( or more ) counts for 2 rooms
  • we don’t count corridors, utility rooms, bathrooms, WC
  • outbuildings should be measured from the outside wall ( so to include wall thickness ) in M²
  • if you carry out any professional activity in your house, you MUST advise your insurer
  • if you own animals, check with your insurer they are covered as they might have to be specified on your policy so that liability is included.
  • always declare fireplaces and wood-burners.
  • If you let your house, please advise your insurer as this can often be covered by your policy by adding a clause.


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