About us

ANNE PHOTOAnne GARDINI has worked for various banks and financial institutions in Hong Kong, the UK and France. She has been appointed by the Bordeaux Court of Appeal as a legal expert in tax and financial matters.


SOPHIA PHOTOSophia BRUCKNER, a native English speaker, will be your main point of contact. Sophia was born in the UK, raised in France and therefore understands both sides of the equation. So if you're feeling all at sea, give her a call, and she'll help to point you in the right direction!


MEGANE PHOTOMegan GALLIMORE is our claims manager. Yes, you should know that we do it the old fashioned way: we handle your claims in-house – if you've had a problem, whether it's a car accident, a flood or a theft, it's so much easier and reassuring to deal with a friendly English speaker than a Hotline with an anonymous operator!



Contact Sophia Bruckner

mapIf you need a quote, assistance or advice about your insurance, please contact Sophia Bruckner.

She will be able to help you in English and answer any questions you may have.

+33(0) 553 739 729